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Silver Surfers

Far more silvers are capable and inclined to stay longer in the game. Here are 13 inspiring stories from stellar silvers who challenge the cult of youth by their living.

No Time To Be Young

This generation gap is visceral. It can cause parental estrangement, mental sickness and in extreme cases, loss of life today. Young adults lock themselves behind doors in homes. 

Googly Gaathas

Man is born. He dies. Between the two events lies his tragicomic lifetime, a cocktail of emotions, thoughts, ideas and actions. He bobs along under the delusion of a well-planned order

Long Story Short

From the wildly successful online short story competition by Litagram comes this delightful anthology of short stories by the winning authors. 

Tonight's the Night

‘Tonight’s the Night’ is the second anthology brought out by Litagram. Twenty of the finest entries submitted in the ‘No Murder Tonight’ short story writing contest held last year have been chosen for this book. 

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Gen Z describes the generation of young men and women born in 1995 and onwards. They are different from older generations; a bit more political and “woke” and tending towards authenticity.

Potshots @1n all

Everybody in India seems to have a story to tell except the taxpaying, convent educated, conflict-avoidant middle class. This collection is their ledge. The 192 tongue-in-cheek writings mirror the ordinary lives of this extraordinary swathe of Indians.

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