Millennial And Generation Z Speaker

The leading voice on Millennials, Generation Z, and working across generations.

Neerja Singh is a Millennial and Generation Z keynote speaker (live and virtual), generations expert.

Neerja’s clients benefit from relevant, clear, and proven solutions to manage, engage, and market to the emerging generations, as well as lead and work across all generations. Audiences enjoy her engaging, humorous, and informative presentations. Meeting planners appreciate how easy it is to work with Neerja and how she consistently delivers on the client’s specific needs.

Consultations & Workshops

Corporate Sensitization Workshop (CSW)

2 hours online workshops on understanding generations next managing & retaining millennials holding hybrid teams with empathy: gender & ageism.

Keynote Addresses/Talks

45 mins on Generational empathy Second time aces, Ageism Workplace respect & cohesion.

Parent/Teacher sensitization workshops

One day workshop for teachers on adolescent issues and tor Indian parents on staying real and relevant.


3 months individualized 1-2-1 on the Parent Ten connection with families/employers of their mentally struggling young. With empty nesters on how to age successfully. With home makers on how to reclaim their personal power.

Effective Writing

Articles on education and generational issues Documentary scripts for film producers Statement of purpose and LOR for international admission companies Book reviews.

Most Favored Speaking


The intergenerational equity principle is the idea of fairness or justice between generations. It can also be applied to fairness between generations currently living and generations yet to be born. Conversations about intergenerational equity occur across economics, social policy, budgeting, climate, elderly care and social justice.


These are unique times that call for a unique approach to safety culture. When organisations cultivate trusting environments, where workers feel free to fail, speak their minds and learn from each other, performance improves. Generational differences matter here.


A mixed generation workforce is here to stay. For corporate expectations to be met, different generations will have to exchange ideas and skills for mutual benefit. The onus for this will lie with the older cohort.


A mixed generation workforce is here to stay. For corporate expectations to be met, different generations will have to exchange ideas and skills for mutual benSuccession is the biggest threat facing family businesses. Family members belonging to the current and next generations have conflicting visions and objectives. Who will take over the baton? If not planned well, the impact could be catastrophic.


There are more generations at work together than ever before. And although there are differences, the similarities are greater. So what are some things organisations can do to close any generational differences that might exist.


A new generation has arrived. Gen Z will soon surpass millennials as the most populous generation on earth. The most diverse cohort ever, this generation has a unique perspective on careers and how to define success in life and in the workforce

Reasons To Work With Neerja

Among the many, these are the top five reasons to work with Neerja


I thrive on the high that comes at the end of a job well done. The attitude is of taking ownership and responsibility. For execution and delivery. I will be accountable for the integrity of my output.


This one is constantly quivering. What are the trends? What are the preoccupations? What will the future be like? I am attuned to facing the way ahead. And this plugging into the constantly adjusting mass consciousness keeps my products relevan


It is what connects us. The wattage of a spirit reaches even across the device screens. I feed my life force with the formula of “one skill new, a few won’t do”. It is not about mastering every art but the constant challenge the process provides to human inertia.


I have fought being Libra shamed at times. I hear I am “too balanced” and how that can be “an imbalance”. Truth be told, I am an extremely well brought up Defence progeny. The old values of commitment, respect and openness influence my professional relationships.


It begins with the basics and then builds up. I cast my net wide, seeking newer and fresher aspects. The plan is to feel excited about the final delivery. I will sit long hours and read reams and write pages, pruning it all to the final program promise.